Bicycle X-Change: Racing

The Bicycle X-Change has been involved in racing from the very beginning in 1973. The 1970’s were the heyday of bicycle motocross racing, or BMX. Mike Scanga, owner of BXC, has been heavily involved in the BMX scene from the very beginning. Our BMX teams have included national and world champions, and some of our BMX riders have moved on to compete in other cycling disciplines like professional road racing and mountain biking.

Since the early years The Bicycle X-Change has expanded our sponsorship and now has over 40 sponsored riders in the disciplines of BMX, road racing, mountain biking and triathlon. Our racing heritage helps us stay on top of the game with the latest techniques and equipment. Bicycle X-Change knows how to go fast. We can help you reach top-speed, too! Here at the Bicycle X-Change racing has been in our DNA since 1973.

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