Bicycle X-Change: History

Time flies when you’re having fun, and here at The Bicycle X-Change Shops we have been having a great time serving the people of Kansas with the best of what bicycling has to offer for over thirty years!

 In 2013 the Bicycle X-Change celebrated their 40th anniversary. For more then four decades the BXC staff has been honored to offer the very best quality bicycles, accessories, maintenance, and repair.

In 1973, while on an airplane traveling home from a sales convention, Joseph Scanga Sr. began to talk to a gentleman in the seat next to him. This gentleman told Joe about a business transaction in which his buyer backed out of the deal. The deal was for a container of 320 high-end bicycles he had imported from overseas. Being the businessman that he was, Joe knew an opportunity when he saw it.

Joe, at that moment, decided that his sons were going to be in the business of bicycles. Michael, Joseph, and Ralph Scanga soon found themselves setting up a bike shop in a building that their father already owned. The brothers called their new business venture Import Bike LTD.

They soon changed the name of the shop to “Wheels” with their new slogan “Everybody should have wheels from Wheels,” and with that, they were off and running.

After a short time they began to take the trade-ins of older bikes to encourage people to purchase high-end new bicycles, so in 1979 just six years after they opened their doors they were again changing their businesses name, this time they called it The Bicycle X-Change Shop… as it remains to this day.

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