Bicycle X-Change: Community

The Bicycle X-Change has always made it a top priority to give back to the community. Each year the Bicycle X-Change donates over $20,000 in bicycles, service, and accessories to schools, churches, and many other charitable organizations. Over the years we have been honored to have worked with great organizations such as Lose the Training Wheels, The Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the YMCA. We believe it is our responsibility to help share our love of cycling with those who might not otherwise get to know the joy cycling can bring.

For more than 25 years the Bicycle X-Change shops has provided over 10,000 Christmas bicycles to the deserving children of Wichita through the “Little Wheels for Big Deals” drive, which takes place just before Christmas. During this drive, with the help of local radio stations, customers bring in their used bicycles and donate them to the Bicycle X-Change Shops. The Bicycle X-Change takes the donated bicycles and fully refurbishes them to be given away, for free, the week before Christmas to children who might not otherwise ever have a bicycle.

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